1,009 devices distributed for digital inclusion in Cambridgeshire!

August 17, 2023

The more we do, the more we realise the extent of need across so many different demographics, and this has been increased by the current cost-of-living crisis. We are very happy to hear from charities that require devices to support their work and the people they are helping.

Below are the organisations we have worked with so far within the county:

Cambridge Acorn Project
Cogwheel Counselling
Kickstart Coffee
Cambridge CVS
Concrete Rose
Littleport Parish Council
Cambridge Online
Counting Every Adult CEA service New Horizons
Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign
Ely Library
South Cambridgeshire District Council
Cambridge Street Pastors
Ely Primary Care Network
South Peterborough PCN
Cambridge Sustainable Food
Embrace CVoC
St. Andrews Youth Club
Cambridge Women’s Resource Centre
Form the Future
The Netherhall School
Cambridge Youth Panel
Get Synergised
Turtle Dove
Cambridgshire County Council
Winter Comfort
It Takes a City
Abbey People
Jimmy’s Cambridge

As well as delivering social good, our sustainable reuse solution is also kind to our environment, which is vitally important as we see growing problems caused by climate change all across the world. Our work for social good in Cambridgeshire alone has saved 1,453kgs of e-waste and 215,926kg of CO2 emissions, while nationally it has saved 8,748kgs of e-waste and more than 1.1m kgs of CO2 emissions.

Our work is only possible because of the companies who support us with their surplus tech – we are very grateful to those in Cambridgeshire who have worked with us so far to enable the 1,000 device milestone to be reached, including:

AB Agri, AudioTelligence Ltd , Cambridge Building Society, Cambridge Cognition, CHS Group, Congenica, Meta Cambridge and the Road Haulage Association.

We are always looking for tech from corporates after IT refresh or relocation to enable us to continue to address digital inclusion. We offer a sustainable, data-secure solution that supports CSR objectives. We donate legacy tech through our charity partners to support digital inclusion in Cambridgeshire, and we purchase higher-end tech for sustainable resale through our Laptops4Change site, where sales support further donations of tech through our charity partners.

While 1,000 devices delivered is a significant milestone, it is merely a staging post on a much longer journey – the needs in Cambridgeshire are very great and we look forward to meeting more of them as we continue our work for social good.

Please contact info@laptops4learning.co.uk to see how the Laptops4Learnng solution can assist you.

Thank you Sue and the Team.

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