Amazement as ‘tornado’ like clouds form over Cambridgeshire

Two ‘tornado’-like clouds formed over Cambridgeshire yesterday evening, July 9, bewildering onlookers with their twisted appearance.

The pair of funnel clouds were spotted to the east of Cambridge at around 6pm, with the eye of the stormy weather passing over Papworth Everard, South Cambridgeshire, and surrounding areas.

“Double funnel clouds spotted near Cambridge this evening,” confirmed the Met Office in a tweet last night.

Elsewhere in the county, torrential downpours caused flash flooding across Peterborough – with the fire service called 160 times in the space of four hours to pump water away from homes and roads.

Though the Cambridgeshire twisters looked foreboding, there is a key difference between funnel clouds and tornadoes, as the Met Office has explained.

Spindly funnel clouds reach towards the ground but do not touch it, unlike tornadoes which can cause devastating damage.

They are formed when a rotating column of wind draws in cloud droplets – thereby making an area of intense low pressure visible – and typically come with thunderclouds, consistent with Cambridgeshire’s recent turbulent conditions.

Amazed readers sent plenty of photos of the phenomenon our way – check out some of the best ones below.

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