Cambridge Science Centre reopens with special event all about the Bloodhound LSR

Cambridge Science Centre, based just behind the train station, is pleased to reopen this week with an exciting new event that is perfect for car, aircraft and technology enthusiasts. This is the perfect event for families to head down to see the Bloodhound LSR which is on a mission to break the land speed record which also benefits children’s education through STEM.

Bloodhound LSR is a spectacular mix of car and aircraft technology. It is powered by both a jet engine and a rocket, which together will produce more than 135,000 horsepower: that is more than 60 Formula 1 cars put together!

Hear more about the project and the incredible team bringing it to life, understand the car’s distinctive nature, learn about the history of the land speed record and the importance of 3D printing to model engineering at their exhibition. Get your tickets for the event here, which is on from the 15th August to 3rd September.

Limited numbers of tickets will be available per session due to social distancing requirements and MUST be booked in advance. Each session will last approximately one and three quarter hours and will include a tour of the educational module of the Bloodhound, a presentation on how and why the design and delicate engineering is so important to the success of the car, and a workshop activity. Children will receive their own take-home goody bag.

The centre has adapted massively over lockdown to provide over 44,000 children with home resources and education tools. They have produced a hard copy magazine called OpenUpScience which goes out to 1500 children who may be without internet or prefer hard copy learning it is filled with experiments, quizzes and STEM-based activities and facts which children can easily try out at home.

And not only are they featuring the Bloodhound event but also returning with live PopUpScience shows across Cambridgeshire which are free of charge to attend. Last week they were in Ely Cathedral Gardens with more events across Cambridge and Ramsey.

Find out more on their website about all of their events. 

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