Guardtech helping businesses take control

May 24, 2021

With control high on the national news agenda and decontamination practices more vital than ever before, Guardtech Cleanrooms are ready to heed the call of firms desperate to achieve the highest operating standards possible.

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need to maintain safe working spaces and the importance of robust filtration. And when it comes to controlled environments, clean air and protecting staff and product, the Haverhill firm have the expertise, and Service Contract packages, to ensure nothing is compromised.

A recent report from 40 scientists and engineers in the journal Science suggested that ventilation in buildings should be treated as critically as clean water has been since the Chadwick Sanitary Report in 1842, suggesting that more needs to be done to prevent highly transmissible airborne pathogens like COVID-19 from being shared around.

Guardtech’s Operations Director Conor Barwise has been building world-class cleanrooms and laboratories for 15 years, and his experience and knowledge in the areas of control, ventilation and filtration is helping businesses across the UK achieve stunning results in brilliantly designed controlled environments.

From optical manufacturing to semiconductor device fabrication, COVID reagent packaging to medical device manufacturing and pharmaceutical builds, Mr Barwise has seen and done it all in the cleanroom Design & Build sector, and he’s delighted to continue to lend his expertise to firms that require that extra level of control to do what they do well.

“As a design team, we have to be pretty flexible, adaptable and creative to think of solutions to our clients’ various controlled environment needs – but that’s a part of the job I relish.

“The world is so different now than it was two years ago – critical environments are more crucial than at any point in my time at Guardtech, and the report in Science has shown how much air quality is taken for granted.

“It’s great to be able to do our bit to help firms achieve a level of control in these tough times that ensures not only the safety of staff at work, but that whatever it is that they’re working on isn’t compromised.

“I would recommend any business with cleanrooms or laboratories to consider taking up a Guardtech Service Agreement to give them the peace of mind that their production environment will continue to meet the highest standards for operations, quality and safety.”

Guardtech offer comprehensive Service Contracts alongside every project they undertake, but these annual contracts are not just limited to existing customers – any business that requires such support can take on a plan to benefit from Guardtech’s rigorous testing, cleaning, servicing and maintenance regimes.

The range of services they offer is impressively diverse, too – their Validation package alone includes air velocity and volumetric flow rate measurement, room differential pressure testing, airborne particle counting, temperature monitoring, humidity measurements, light level measurement and noise level checks.

But the scope of servicing goes way beyond this – from decontamination deep cleans to filter integrity testing, HVAC service and maintenance to monitoring system maintenance and gauge calibration.

Whether a site requires rapid roller door or central vacuum system inspection and servicing, process air handling unit filter testing, laminar flow and biosafety cabinet validation, right through to crane servicing, fall protection systems or transfer hatch servicing, Guardtech cover all your business needs.

If staff or product can be compromised in some way, the Suffolk firm can help your business stay on top of it.

Guardtech Service Engineer Chris McGinn is urging any potential clients with cleanroom service needs to get in touch – insisting that he’s always ready to take on new challenges.

“We have a very diverse portfolio of Service Agreements with some great businesses doing some amazing things,” he said. “There are a series of tasks that I tend to do at every site, but each new job always provides something new and intriguing to test, check or service.

“As a result, I’ve been able to build up a great working resource of knowledge about how to get the best out of these visits and deliver a service schedule that gives clients everything they need and more.

“If there are any potential future clients out there who need regular cleanroom servicing, I’d love to hear from them and give them a rundown of how we might be able to support their requirements.”

For more information on Guardtech’s Service Contracts, call 0330 113 0303 or email

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