Networking for HR Professionals just got serious

September 18, 2020

What is the Cake and HR Network?
The Cake and HR Member Network offers HR professionals monthly knowledge share events (remotely, until 2021), as well as a host of other learning facilities that includes webinars, coaching and access to heavily discounted professional tools. There is of course also the cake, served at each physical meeting, which members cite as the cherry on top!

Experienced HR, Coaching and Learning & Development professionals, Judith Elliott and Edwina Brewster, both of whom run their own successful consultancies, have developed the Cake and HR brand to bring effective and collaborative networking to the HR field.

Judith Elliott explained why the Cake and HR Network is such a valuable resource for HR professionals.

Cake and HR is different, and we believe our success is attributable to our focus on sharing knowledge. As leaders we guide the conversation, contribute our own viewpoints and experiences but also, crucially, facilitate the group to share their own experiences, skills and knowledge on what works in HR, so that every member benefits from it. Our aim is to discuss best practice ways to deliver valued HR that has a positive impact on the business. Cake and HR offers a reliable, but above all friendly and welcoming, forum for our members to collaborate, share and form long-lasting relationships.

Members benefit from monthly knowledge share meetings, and also exceptional member benefits that include:
• Free professional coaching
• Discounted access to professional tools like My HR Toolkit and a free audit from EBCam
• Discounted short courses
• Discounted People Management e-learning with coaching
• Access to the Cake and HR Hub that offers resources for financial and mental well-being as well as a variety of local and national discounts and rewards.

We are welcoming new member applications from September 2020. Find out more here.

The Cake and HR Online Networking group
In addition to our members only offering, we also manage and mediate a lively LinkedIn group, also for HR Managers. Called Cake and HR any motivated HR professionals have an open invite to join, learn, collaborate and contribute. See you there!

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