Opportunity To Support Bid For Knife Angel In Peterborough

Opportunity To Support Bid For Knife Angel In Peterborough – Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce

January 26, 2024

Businesses are being invited to sponsor a bid for Peterborough to host an anti-violence sculpture made of 100,000 knives and standing 27ft that will highlight knife crime and educate young people on the harmful impact it can have on their communities.

The Knife Angel will stand in the grounds of Peterborough Cathedral throughout October, and with a variety of community events and school engagement activities planned, businesses and organisations will also be encouraged to get involved.

Sponsorship is currently being sought to ensure the sculpture can come to Peterborough and that the city’s zero-tolerance stance on knife crime has a legacy as a result.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary will hold a knife amnesty for the month and will be conducting other activities such as weapon sweeps, test purchases, extra patrols in hotspot areas and targeting those believed to carry weapons.

The sculpture, which is made up of weapons handed in at amnesties or found at crime scenes, has toured the country to raise awareness of the impact of knife crime. Not only will hosting the Knife Angel in Peterborough highlight the dangers of carrying a knife and the devastating impact it can have, it’s also a chance for the city and its businesses to come together as one against violence and knife crime.

For a discussion about how you could support bringing the Knife Angel to Peterborough, please email operations@peterborough-cathedral.org.uk

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