Try something different with Eat Out To Help Out with Amelie’s Flammekuche

Amelie flammekuche cambridge eat out

As Eat Out To Help Out has proven to be a popular scheme throughout Cambridgeshire, why not try something a bit different this August and make use of the great discount. Amelie, situated in the Grafton centre, opened a few years ago now and has been a popular spot for lunch, dinner and well just about any time of the day!

It is the only restaurant in the UK dedicated to serving up ‘flammekuche’ which is a dish that dates back to the 14th century. At Amelie the light dough makes a great alternative to your cliche fast food options as the stretched thin dough is spread with creme fraiche and a fantastic selection of ingredients for toppings. It’s cooked for just 90 seconds and unlike a pizza, leaves you feeling light and has no yeast either!

Different flamkuche include the authentic, based on the classic dish with sliced onions, smoked bacon and gruyere cheese; Moroccan lamb – slow cooked with spices, courgette, chickpeas, olives and honey; salmon and avocado with tomatoes, capers and dill.  Flamkuche also works well as a dessert – mixed berries with meringue or banana and caramel for example.

Amelie, opened by son and father Alex and Regis Crepy has been well received by the Cambridge food scene. During lockdown they started a delivery service and also offer their DIY Flamkuche Flatpack across Cambridgeshire and Suffolk which has become very popular.

“Not yet had the opportunity to try Amelie’s flamkuche, now’s the time.  Their skinny pizza is a unique dough base with no yeast what so ever! Spread with crème fraiche, onions and choice of delicious toppings such as glazed slow cooked pulled pork shoulder, mushrooms, salmon then cooked for just 90 seconds, light, crispy and mega tasty”

Find the restaurant situated in The Grafton Centre, Cambridge.

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