Virtual working will change the local office landscape forever

March 30, 2021

Floors of office space will be replaced with homeworking, creative hubs, and even coffee shop meet-ups.

That’s the forecast of MD at Media Matters, one of Peterborough’s oldest digital marketing agencies, which after 26 years is giving up its Lynch Wood premises to work virtually.

“We had already introduced remote working before Covid took over our lives but the lockdown situation has cemented what we already knew – we don’t want or need a large office space anymore,” explained Dawn Strange.

The majority of workforces are now rethinking their future and how and where they operate. Dawn predicts the impact of Covid has accelerated change, igniting the type of radical restructuring that might have taken another decade to play out in normal times.

“Working culture needed to change but it has taken something as serious as Covid to really shake things up,” she added. “Ironically, this will probably be for the better for every business that comes out the other side and survives beyond Covid.

“We’ve all learned how important everyone’s wellbeing is over the last 12 months. As responsible employers we need to press the reset button, tear up the old way and embrace a better way of working that equally balances home life, family and work. This way we all benefit, as do our clients and customers.”

Media Matters is looking to sublet the lease on its modern two-storey office in Commerce Road, Lynch Wood. A great creative space, the agency expects it will be snapped up by a larger business in the city that wants to downsize its workspace but still maintain a great staff facility with parking and Ferry Meadows on the doorstep.

Media Matters has appointed Savills as agent. For more information about this office space, contact Edward Gee at Savills, Peterborough, telephone: 01733 209906.

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