Wellbeing – How has lockdown affected you? How do you feel as we look forward?

Wellbeing – How has lockdown affected you? How do you feel as we look forward? | Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce

October 5, 2020

The Covid – 19 Pandemic has had a profound effect on us as a society. This is not only on our physical health but our mental wellbeing too. This can be due to many issues including social isolation, concern about jobs and financial losses, housing insecurity and in particular anxiety about the future.

Data from the UK Household Longitudinal Survey (UKHLS) suggests that over 30 per cent of adults reported levels of mental distress indicative that treatment may be needed, compared to around 20 per cent between 2017 and 2019.

At ABC Life Support we are keen to learn the detail behind these statistics and we are conducting a survey to find out how the current situation is actually affecting our mental health. Looking at a varied demographic, through 12 simple questions we aim to gain an insight into the story of as many people as possible and gain a sense of how people are actually feeling and what the immediate future looks like for individuals.

We would like to gain a full understanding of how the events of this year has affected the wellbeing of all of us, whether you are a leader of a company, a mother, a teacher, a front line worker or a small business owner, your experiences matter to us.

The results of the survey will be available on the ABC Life Support website and we are happy to share the results with you.

Take part here > https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=GYi_kU4PpEOIRno63L1hJT_71-6WoeBOvN2jEjXjGidUNThBM0pHRDAySkpUQU1FNEVCTE1OVjVMMS4u

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