Wyboston Lakes Resort commits to four-year Green Energy Roadmap

Wyboston Lakes Resort commits to four-year Green Energy Roadmap – Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce

September 8, 2022

Wyboston Lakes Resort has developed a four-year Green Energy Roadmap as the foundation for its plan to become self-sufficient by producing its own green energy using the natural resources available at the Resort, which will help to achieve its Net Zero Carbon Emissions target.

The Roadmap outlines a year-by-year timetable up to the end of 2026 for the introduction of a wide range of energy generation solutions including solar, wind and water source heat pumps, some of which already have planning permission in place. There will also be projects to move to more energy efficient plant and equipment, reducing energy needs and overall consumption. The total investment in the development is likely to be more than £5m.

Steve Jones, Managing Director of Wyboston Lakes Resort, explained: “For many years we have been searching for and investing in sustainability projects, to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. As a result, for instance, all electricity used on the site is generated from renewable energy sources, saving more than 1,300 tonnes of Co2 emissions annually. We recently improved our energy efficiency and reduced our fuel costs by investing approximately £110,000 in upgrading our ventilation systems to heat recovery units. These also dramatically improve the quality of air in the meetings spaces and many public areas.

“Our commitment to sustainability has enabled us to gain Platinum accreditation from Greengage Eco-Smart, a Gold Award from Green Tourism and the IACC Gold Star. We have already pledged to reach Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2040.

“The Green Energy Roadmap will further focus our commitment to driving forward the actions that will help us both to fight against the increasingly high cost of energy from producers, ultimately to be self-sufficient, while at the same time moving towards our Net Zero Carbon Emissions target.”


Click here to view the roadmap.

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