Let the Leaves Change artwork display now live!

let the leaves change the library presents

This December ‘The Library Presents’ a dazzling new artwork to brighten up your evenings. Light project ‘Let the Leaves Change’ by digital artist Michelle Brace will appear as night falls in the window of Ramsey Library. The projection is a digital mix of locally sourced imagery including footage of trees, water and light, exploring the continuous movement and change a place experiences over time and how its people contribute to its vibrancy and uniqueness. Whilst change happens, some things remain rooted and constant. Each artwork has a layer made from leaves which have been designed and contributed by Cambridgeshire residents, including a number of local artists and promising creative students from Neal Wade Academy.

Artist Michelle Brace has enjoyed getting to know the town to create this work, albeit having to do so during lockdown. Commenting on the project she said: “I have really enjoyed getting out and about in nature to make this piece of work and capturing some of the amazing detail we don’t always notice in our local environment. For me the most exciting highlight has been receiving the contributed drawings, colourings and photographs of leaves and mixing them into the final piece of work!”

Let the Leaves Change will be on display in Ramsey Library from 11 December until 22 December from night fall until 10pm.

To ensure that everyone stays safe, please follow the latest COVID-19 restrictions while enjoying the work. This means keeping to bubbles of no more than six people, following social distancing and wearing face coverings where appropriate.

Gary Porter, Head of Libraries, Archives and Culture at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “The Library Presents is all about bringing people together, even though right now this has to be digitally or at a social distance. Since our programme started in 2018, we offer great arts activities for all ages and interests. This project is no different – we hope that through this unique artwork installation, communities will enjoy seeing these continuously evolving compositions.”

Amy Vaughan, Director, East of England, Arts Council England, said: “This is another lovely creative project by The Library Presents that is designed to inspire audiences and bring communities together. I hope that ‘Let the Leaves Change’ will be enjoyed safely and socially-distanced by lots of people.”

Let the Leaves Change is produced by and created in partnership with Collusion, a Cambridge-based not for profit arts organisation, working with artists and emerging technologies to create joyful, site specific artworks.

Rachel Drury, Creator and Director at Collusion said: “We’re delighted to bring new artworks for everyone to enjoy in Ramsey at a time when little cultural activity can take place.”

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